How do I setup my organization?

This article outlines the Sadlier Administrator's tasks for setting us teacher, student, and additional admin accounts and classes. If you are planning on integrating with another system, please see our integration-specific article here.

    Log into your Sadlier Connect administrator account.  As the Sadlier Connect Administrator, you should have received a welcome email containing the website address for your school and your account information when your order was processed. 

    All setup functionality is accessible through the settings icon in the top-right corner of your screen. Use the links below for more information and specific instructions.
    • Manage Teachers - You can add teachers individually or import using the CSV template file. 
    • Manage Students - As with teachers, you can add students individually or import using the CSV template file.
    • Manage Classes - Once you set up the teachers and students, the admin or the teacher users can set up classes. You can add classes individually or import them using the CSV template.
    • Manage Parents - This is an optional feature. If you want parents to have their own login, you can add parents individually or through importing.
    • Manage Administrators - Generally, there are only a few Administrators, but you can add administrators with an import file if you have several. Please note, usernames must be unique for your institution's Sadlier Connect site.
    • Manage Licenses - Sadlier Connect offers two types of licenses:
      • Seat Licenses - Individual users need seat licenses applied to their accounts. When you set up classes, you can use the seat licenses to the class level, and all students in the class will receive a seat license if there are enough licenses to cover all the users. Click here for more information on seat licenses.
      • Site Licenses - Site licenses are applied to all accounts regardless of grade or seat licenses. 

    Manage Settings - There are settings to allow teachers to add, edit, and delete students, classes, and parent accounts. Most customers will turn these off and have an administrator manage these, so one does not end up with multiple accounts for students.  

    Also, you can turn off the "Messaging System" in manage settings if you do not wish to use that functionality. 

    You can allow teachers to self-register; however, you must approve their accounts before accessing the resources.

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