How do I Add or Import student import file?


Importing a student roster is one of the ways to add students to the system.  This feature allows you to bulk load the students into the system.  This feature is always available to school administrator accounts.  It can be turned off so teachers cannot upload or add students to the system.  The reason for potentially locking this feature down from teachers is so that there is one roster of students for the school without teachers adding an account for a student more than once to the system

If you need to add a student to the system and the add and import functionality has been turned off for teachers, you should contact your school administrator.


  1. Log into Sadlier Connect using your teacher or school administrator account. Teachers, the functionality described below may have been turned off for teachers by your school administrator.
  2. Select Manage Students from the settings menu.  This is located in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.  It is the icon with two people with a gear between them.
  3. Select Import Roster from within Manage Students.
  4. Select the link Download Student Roster Import Template and save the template file to your computer.  Remember where you save the template file on your computer as you will need it in a couple of steps.  The file will be named StudentImportTemplate.csv unless you change the name when saving the file to your computer.
  5. Open up Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet application
  6. Select File > Open from the menu within Microsoft Excel.
  7. Select StudentImportTemplate.csv from where you saved it on your computer.  If you saved the file as a different name, then open the file you saved in Step 4 above.
  8. One you have opened your template file, your screen should look similar to the one below:You can expand the widths of the columns in the spreadsheet.

    When you do you will see (Required) and (Optional) indicators after the column names indicating which columns are required and which are optional.  See the Import File Column Information below for a list of fields, descriptions, and acceptable values.
  9. You should delete the two sample student rows provided when you are done so that these students are not created in your account.
  10. You will need to add a row for each student account you need to create in Sadlier Connect.
  11. After adding a row for each student, then you should save your student import file by selecting File > Save As...
  12. You will want to change the filename so you do not overwrite the template file that you have downloaded.  When saving you need to change the Format to Comma Separated Values (.csv).

    It is critical that you select the correct file format, Comma Separated Values (.csv) when saving your file.  
    Failure to do so will generate a file that will not be able to be processed by Sadlier Connect.

  13. You now have a student import file that is ready to be uploaded to Sadlier Connect.

    For assistance importing a student roster, see the article titled, "How do I import a student roster?".

Import File Column Information:

  • Column A - Action (A/U) (Required):  This column tells the system what it should attempt to do with the row of data in the file.  The value "A" should be used when trying to add a student record to the system.  One would set to this value for the first time the student roster is being uploaded into Sadlier Connect.  The value "U" should be used when you want to update an existing student record in the system.
  • Column B - Unique User ID (Optional):  You will not need to provide a value in this field.  This field allows you to keep a unique identifier for the user account if the data is coming from another system.
  • Column C - Username (Required):  You must supply a username for each student in your import file.  Your usernames are unique to your school organization, so you will not encounter the issue that the username has been used by someone else and you cannot use it.  Typically, the username is the student's first initial followed by their last name.  You can use whatever convention you desire though it is recommended to be consistent convention across usernames as it makes it easier for teacher's to help students should they encounter a problem logging into the system.  Some customers end up using the student id in the username column as well.  The username provided in this column will be what the student uses to log into the system.
  • Column D - Password (Required):  You must supply a password for each student in your import file.  You must supply a password for each student in your import file.  It is recommended you follow good practices in creating passwords and not use common passwords.  Students have the ability to change the password on their account.
  • Column E - First Name (Required):  You must supply a value in this field for each of your students. It could also be a first initial, but you want something that will easily help you identify the students in the system.
  • Column F - Middle Name (Optional):  You can provide the student's middle name or initial in this field.
  • Column G - Last Name (Required): You must supply a value in this field for each of your students.  This field does not have to contain a student's last name, but you must provide a value.  You want something that will easily help you identify the students in the system.
  • Column H - Grade (Optional): This column allows you to associate a grade level with your students.  With this information provided, you will be able to use grade level as a filter on certain screens within Sadlier Connect.  This makes it easier to find a subset of students within the system.  The acceptable values for grade are: K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.  One of these values should be entered in this column if you are going to specify a grade otherwise you can leave it blank.
  • Column I - Status Active/Inactive (Optional):  It is an optional field, though if not provided the system will use the value "Active".  This means that the student account will be activated or enabled within the system.  The value "Inactive" can be used to inactivate or disable an account.  When an account is disabled the user will no longer be able to log into the system
  • Column J - School PID (Optional - District Only):  You do not need to provide a value in this field.


  • You must not change the order of the fields provided in the template.
  • You must use the acceptable values for columns where a list of acceptable values is provided.
  • You must provide the required columns for each student included in the import file.
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