Why am I not seeing my products?

Seat-based products need to be assigned to the users by the school's Sadlier Connect Administrator.  When users log in and are missing products, the seat license is likely not assigned to the user's account. 

Teacher user accounts cannot manage licenses.  A school's Sadlier Connect Administrator must do this.

No Products Showing on Bookshelf

Here is a screenshot of the bookshelf with no products showing on it. 

The Sadlier Connect Administrators can click the settings icon in the lower right corner and select Manage Licenses.

Manage Licenses

If you have a combination of seat and site licenses, you will see two tabs on the table's header. In this image, the Seat License tab is selected. 

On the far right are the quantity total and seat licenses available for the product.

The filter icon on the left allows you to filter out expired items.

Assign Seat Licenses to Individuals

This screen shows you the users who already have the license assigned by default. 

The filter icon on the left allows you to change the view to all users or show only users without a license.

Manage Seat Licenses for a Class

Your school's Sadlier Connect Administrators can assign seat licenses to a class.

  • Click the settings icon in the lower right corner, and select Manage Classes
  • Click the pencil icon in the row for the class you need to assign seat licenses. Select Manage Licenses.

Applying Seat Licenses to a Class

In the image here, notice that the seat license is selected. On the far right of the row, you can see there are 5 purchased and 5 assigned.

Mr. Adams - 3rd Grade ELA class has 1 teacher and 5 students, so when Mr. Adams goes to assign content, he will receive the message: 

"You have selected a class where not all students have a license to the resource from the product you have selected. The students without a license will not be displayed below and will not receive the assignment."

If this happens, you can contact your sales rep or our customer service team to purchase additional seat licenses.

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