What are the system requirements for Sadlier Connect and digital products?

Computer Requirements

Our computer requirements are split into required and optional hardware requirements.  A computer must meet all of the required hardware requirements to perform optimally when using Sadlier Connect.  The optional hardware requirements are only necessary if you want to use the additional features of our digital products which have been enhanced to take advantage of these optional requirements.  Most of our programs contain audio and video, so computers would need additional capabilities to take advantage of these features.

Required Hardware Requirements
  • Minimum of 128 MB of RAM
  • Minimum of 500 Mhz Processor
  • 1024x768 screen resolution or greater
Optional Hardware Requirements
  • Soundcard, Audio Port, Headphones, and/or Speakers

We do not specify hardware requirements for storage for hard drives or flash memory as Sadlier Connect delivers products online and only requires storage for browser caching. 

Supported Tablets

Sadlier Connect works with tablet devices including iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air as well as Android-based tablets.  

* Note:  All products delivered on Sadlier Connect work with tablet devices.  There are some resources in some products that are not compatible with tablet devices.

Supported Web Browsers

Sadlier Connect has been certified to work with the web browsers listed below. Other versions of browsers can be used, but all functionality may not be available to other versions of browsers.


  • Chrome 73.x
  • Chrome 74.x


  • Firefox 65.x
  • Firefox 66.x

Microsoft Edge

  • Microsoft Edge 17.x
  • Microsoft Edge 18.x


  • Safari 11.x
  • Safari 12.x

Required Web Browser Features

The following web browser features must be enabled to use Sadlier Connect:

Optional Web Browser Features

The following are a list of optional features that you may enable in your web browser to have the best possible experience on Sadlier Connect.  Some resources available on Sadlier Connect may not work unless you have these features.  These optional requirements vary by product but are provided as a general guidelines.

  • Silverlight 4.x or later (Internet Explorer Only)
  • Adobe Flash Player 9.2 or Later (Some Products)

In many cases we have provided alternatives to resources that may required the above plug-ins.  However, not all resources available have alternative formats to work around these requirements.

Firewall Proxy Server Settings

The following domains should be whitelisted in your school's firewall allowing traffic on both port 80 and 443:

  • *.sadlierconnect.com
  • code.jquery.com

You will need to talk with your school administrator for technology services to ensure these settings are in place.  Usually, if you provide the above information they will know exactly what to do to get your school configured to use Sadlier Connect.

Network Requirements

The actual bandwidth requirements will vary depending on desired usage model, number of users, and the actual product being used.

WAN Connectivity
  • T1 minimum; Fiber, ATM, or gigabit connection preferred
WAN Connectivity
  • Minimum 10/100 Switch; 100 Mbps recommended
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