How do I create a new assessment?

Teachers using any product that has the custom assessments feature can create their own assessment from scratch. Pre-published assessments can be edited to include items from the product's bank of questions.  To edit a pre-published assessment, review this article.

Within a Unit or Chapter, click "Build an Assessment".

Put a check mark next to each item you wish to add to the assessment.  You can narrow down the list of possible questions by filtering by chapter, question type, etc. 

To add items from other resources, change the chapter, question type, etc and refilter.  You can continue to add items to the assessment from different resources, but not different products.

Once you are finished adding items, click Save.

Once you are finished, click Save.  You will be prompted to provide a name and directions for the new assessment. 

he newly created assessment will now appear under "Custom Assessments" in the same unit or chapter selected at the beginning of the process.

You can share custom assessments with colleagues.

Click the more icon for your custom assessment and click Share Assessment.

Choose the colleagues you wish to see the assessment or click "all" for all teachers in the list to receive the assessment.
All chosen colleagues will see your custom assessment in the corresponding "Custom Assessment" folder in their account.

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