Sadlier Connect Admin Reports

Teacher Account Report

  • Contains: Teacher (last name, first name), Classes (count), Students (count), Assignments (count), and Last Login (Date and time)

Assessment Report

  • Drill down into assessments to see the Number of Students within these ranges for the assessment: < 65, 65-79, 80-89, and 90+

Class Proficiency Report

  • Similar to the assessment report but shows standards instead of assessments as a whole

Student Scores Report

  • There are several filter options, including teacher name and class. The report contains First Name, Last Name, Assignment Name, Due Date, and Score.

Student Tracking Report

  • Use filters to select a student. The resulting report shows Event Time and date, Action, Assignment Name, and IP Address.

Activity Report

  • Game Type, Date Last Submitted, Average Class Score, and Completed Student Assignments

Product Usage Report

  • Filters allow you to specify a date range and teacher to see Product Name, Product Code, View(s), and Assignment(s)

Resource Usage Report

  • Filters allow you to specify a date range and teacher to see Resource Name, Standard(s), View(s), and Assignment(s)

User Login Report

  • Filters allow you to set a date range and specify a username to show User Name, School Name, Login(s), View(s), Browser, and Last Login.
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