Shared Lesson Plans

If your institution has licenses for products that link to SadlierConnect's Lesson Planner feature, the Lesson Planner option will appear within your top navigation bar.
If teachers have not shared lesson or assessment plans with you, this area will be blank.

Once teachers share lesson and assessment plans with you, the Lesson Planner area will show a chart of shared lesson plans, organized in a list by the teachers' names. The chart contains other information that includes: 
  • class name 
  • program
  • grade level
  • plan name
  • lesson title
  • date shared
  • time of the lesson plan
  • duration of the lesson plan

You can sort this information by teacher name, class name, or by program

The bottom of the chart will alert you to the number of total plans shared and the number of new lesson plans. New lesson plans will appear in bold type.

Click the "..." more options icon and select "View" from the menu. 

Viewing a plan will show you the information related to the content of the lesson plan and resources selected, including standards and unit/chapter information. 
Any notes a teacher has added to a plan saved and then shared will be visible to you as an administrator. 

You can print lesson plans.

You may delete a plan from the chart of shared lesson plans by selecting the "..." more options icon and "Delete" from the menu. Deleting the lesson plan from your view does not affect the teacher's view and access to the original lesson plan.

If a teacher updates a plan they shared, e.g., changed the plan name or date, added or removed resources, or duration, they may reshare the lesson plan with others. The original lesson plan and any new versions of the lesson plan will appear in the chart with a "!" symbol. This symbol denotes that the shared lesson plan has more than 1 version of the lesson plan. 

To view the versions of a shared plan, select the "..." more options icon and select "Version" from the menu.
The modal shows the date and time the teacher shared the plan.
You can select the "..." more options icon to view any version of a shared plan or delete a specific version.

Choosing "Delete" from the shared plan chart will delete all versions of a shared plan. 
When viewing a plan with multiple versions, a dropdown will be present to allow you to switch between these versions without needing to navigate back to the shared plan chart. 

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