How to Use the Day Filter

The Day filter in From Phonics to Reading aligns program resources with each Lesson’s 5-day instructional cycle. For each Lesson, you can filter the Lesson's resources by instructional Day to easily identify and access, at point of use, all relevant resources for a particular day.

When you select a Lesson, you will see the Day filter directly below the Lesson title. The filter defaults to "All Days." When "All Days" is selected, you will see all the Lesson's resources for all five days of the instructional cycle. 

Choose a day from the Day filter drop-down menu to see the Lesson's specific resources for the selected day.

The Day filter will remain set as you view, use, or assign resources within the Lesson.

The Day filter will reset to "All Days" if you choose a different Lesson or exit the program and return to the Table of Contents from the Dashboard or the My Library menu.

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