Support for customers creating classes in SadlierConnect and Christ In Us

SadlierConnect and Christ in Us deliver classes and content via separate portals but share a database of institutions and users. Administrators can manage their users in either portal, but class creation must be done separately in each platform.

Things to remember:

  • The SadlierConnect and Christ In Us portals share a database of your institution and its users. This means that an institution can be set up and populated with users in either portal. The users’ information, such as usernames and login credentials, will appear in both portals.
  • Once users are rostered in either SadlierConnect or Christ in Us, they will be visible in the other portal when you log in.
  • Class setup cannot be done in one portal and applied to the other. Classes will be tied to the portal that contains their program and must be managed in the portal where they were created.
  • Any active user can log in to either site using their institution’s custom Website address and their username and password.
    For example, A student who is only rostered to a CIU class will be able to log in to SadlierConnect, but they won’t have access to their CIU class resources. If a student is in multiple classes, one in CIU and one in SadlierConnect, they will have to log in separately to each portal to access each class's resources, assignments, and messages.
  • In any case, parents must be rostered separately from their students.

Suggestions for the start of the school year:

Institutions using a combination of Christ in Us and SadlierConnect products (Academic or Religion)

  • Begin by adding students to your institution in either portal.
  • In each portal, create classes by using the bulk Import Classes option or adding classes manually.    
  • Remember: Once you have added instructors and students to one of the portals, they will be visible in both but will need to be added to classes separately.

Institutions switching from WeBelieve to Christ in Us

  • Log in to the Christ in Us portal and check your rosters.
    • As a previous WeBelieve customer, many of your users may already appear in the CIU portal. Check your rosters in Christ in Us and add/remove students and instructors as needed.
    • Once your rosters are confirmed, create your classes in Christ in Us.

**Customers using both Christ in Us Grades K-6 and  We Live Our Faith Grades 7-8 must set up classes in both portals, as instructed above.

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