Why haven't I received the email I was expecting?

When a Sadlier Connect™ email is expected but not received, you might find it in your spam or junk mail folder. If you expected an email from Sadlier Connect™ and have not received it, please check your junk/spam folder.  

Google Gmail

Google Gmail uses the term spam for labeling the spam folder. Find the folder in the list on the left and click on it. If you do not see the spam folder but you see a link labeled more, click on it to expand the list. Search for an email from  support@sadlierconnect.com.  If you find an email from Sadlier Connect™, open the message and click the button labeled "Report not spam."

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook calls the spam folder junk, and it is usually found listed on the left below other folders. Search for an email from support@sadlierconnect.com and open it. At the top of the email, find the message stating, "This message was identified as junk..." and click on the "It's not junk" link.

If you do not find the email from Sadlier Connect, you may need to contact your school's network or system administrator to allow / whitelist sadlierconnect.com. In some cases, the email is blocked by email filters for the school and never lands in the spam or junk folders.

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