Can I change my organizational URL to Sadlier Connect?

Yes, you can change the URL that your organization uses to access Sadlier Connect™.  Your URL will still begin with, but you can replace the numeric value provided for most accounts with something that is easier for your school's users to remember.  So if your current URL was something like you could request to change your URL to

Currently, there is no way for the school administrators to change their URL.  If you want to change your school's URL, send a request to with your current URL and the new one you desire. We will then coordinate with you to make the change.  It is a quick change on our end, but changing will require you to communicate out the information to your users so we will want to coordinate this activity.

It should be noted that it cannot be guaranteed that the requested URL is available.  The requested URL must also be contain characters that are valid for URLs.

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