How do I create a Teacher Account (Self-Registration)?

Additional materials for your product are available to teachers.  To access these materials, one needs to register for a teacher account.  After you verify your teacher account, you can register your product to gain access to additional materials.  To determine if your product has additional materials online, check the copyright or title page for an access code.  If so, you can follow the steps below to gain access to these materials.


1.  Go to in your web browser.

2. Once at Sadlier Connect, select the "Getting Started!" button in the light blue Teacher Resources section.

3. Complete the Teacher Registration form.  You will need to enter the zip code of your school and select your school to complete the form.

The email address used in this form is the one Sadlier Connect sends a verification email to, so please make sure it is a valid account you can access.

4. After selecting "Create Account" on the Teacher Registration form, Sadlier Connect will email you a link to verify your account. 
5.  You must click the link in the account verification email to complete the process for creating your account.  Sadlier Connect will delete account data if the verification is not complete within 48 hours, and you will need to restart from Step #1.

6. After selecting the link to verify your account, you will return to the Sadlier Connect Log In.  You will also receive an email that confirms your account verification.

7.  You will need to log into your account entering the username and password you specified on the Teacher Registration form when creating your account.
8. The first time you log into Sadlier Connect, you will need to read the Terms and Conditions and accept them to continue.
9.  You will now be able to register your product through "Register a Product".
10. To complete registering your product, you will need to enter the access code found in your teacher's edition.  You can find the access code at the bottom of the copyright page. In addition, some products have their access code on the title page of the teacher's edition.

11. You will then be able to access the materials for the product you registered on the site.

12. If you have additional products you want to register, go to Step #9 and enter the access code for each additional product you need to register.

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